Ceylon: Blackwood Estate


Ceylon: Blackwood Estate

Origin: Blackwood Estate, Sri Lanka

This organic Ceylon comes from the Bogawantalwa Valley in the Dimbula region in Western Sri Lanka. The Blackwood plantation is located at an altitude of between 3,300 and 4,300 feet and is famous not only on account of its commitment to its workers but, of course, for its high quality, organic black tea. The short, wiry, even, dark to rusty brown leaves develop a bright, copper-colored cup and a bright-red infusion. The bouquet will impress you with its full taste and a mild, spicy aroma which leaves a very rich aftertaste.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea

Steeping Instructions:
Minutes: 4-5
Temp: 203-212℉
Use: 1 level tsp./6 oz serving